The Inn

Built in 1857, the house has been completely restored and a new addition added in 2003 when it opened as a Bed and Breakfast in Bloomington, which provides an excellent solution for lodging near the Indiana University. Award winning, we are only 9.5 minutes to the heart of the Indiana University campus.

Four of our guest rooms have their own private balcony but there is a spacious front porch with swing and rockers that call to many in warm weather.  We have a deck off of the Morning room that we serve breakfast on when the weather is nice.

Our Spa offers facials, hand and foot hot wax treatments, hot stone massage as well as traditional massage therapy.  You can make an appointment when you book your room.  One of our most popular is the Peppermint Hand and Foot Massage.

Why not slip into a bubble bath in your Jacuzzi?  Our fine amenities include loofahs and bubbles to add to your water.  It will relax and refresh your tired body.

Even if you wanted to leave our luxuries behind for a day to explore, there is plenty to do around the Indiana University area.

Whether you are taking an Indiana vacation, weekend getaway, honeymoon, anniversary or business trip, we hope to see you at Wampler House in Bloomington, Indiana. Enjoy being pampered with attention to every detail and so clean it sparkles!