Attractions Map

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Wampler House can be found at the house icon. The Wampler House Inn

Attractions List


Sweet Grass Restaurant, 405 W Patterson Dr.

Crazy Horse Restaurant, 214 W Kirkwood Ave

Uptown Café, 102 E Kirkwood Ave

Malibu Grill, 106 N Walnut St

Farm Bloomington Restaurant, 108 E Kirkwood Ave

Grazie Italian Eatery, 106 W 6th St

Upland Brewing Co, 350 W 11th St

Irish Lion Restaurant & Pub, 212 W Kirkwood

Indiana University

Auditorium, 1211 E 7thSt

Musical Arts Center, Jordan Ave

Art Museum, 1133 E 7th St

Lilly Library, 1200 E 7th St

Assembly Hall (Basketball), 1001 E 17th St                                                                                                                                

Football Stadium, 1001 E 17th St                                                                                                                                                  

Bill Armstrong Stadium (Little 500 & Soccer), 1606 N Fee Lane

Other Attractions

Buskirk-Chumley Theater, 114 E Kirkwood Ave

John Waldron Arts Center, 122 S Walnut St

Wonderlab Science Museum, 308 W 4th St

Farmers Market @ City Hall, 401 N Morton St

Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center, 3655 Snoddy Rd

Antique Mall 311 W 7th St

Butler Winery, 6200 E Robinson Rd

Butler Winery Tasting Room, 1022 n College Ave                                                                                                                   

Oliver Winery, 8024 N St Rd 37

TJV Balloons, 1117 North College Avenue