Spa Therapist by appointment only when available

Facials & Facial Masks

Honey Facial
: 45 minutes $50
A light massage of the face, neck and shoulders, followed by a hot towel facial using all natural cleansers.

Peppermint Foot & Hand Mask
: 45 minutes $50
A hot towel treatment and massage are followed by a relaxing peppermint mask.

Mud Wraps & Salt Glows

Mud Wrap
: 60 minutes $60
Natural nutrient rich mud is warmed and applied to gently detoxify as it relaxes your muscles and
softens and exfoliates your skin. Your choice of: Moore Mud, Sedona Mud or Sea Weed.

Salt Glow
: 60 minutes $60
Mineral rich sea salts and natural moisturizing oils combine to exfoliate and soften your entire
body, leaving your skin smooth and glowing. Your choice of: Chocolate, Lavender, Vanilla, Peppermint, Rosemary, or Herbal Blend.

Massage Therapy

: 60 minutes $65
: 90 minutes $95
A full body Swedish-style, light pressure massage to induce an all over sense of relaxation.

Specific Massage
: 60 mins $65
: 90 min $95
A full body, medium pressure massage incorporating some deep pressure for specific problem areas such as lower back, headaches, shoulder pain, etc.

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Massage
: 60 minutes $95
A full body, deep-muscle massage, concentrating on all layers of muscle. This technique
combines both medium and deep pressure to release and relax tension trapped in deeper muscle tissue.

Hot Stone Massage
: 60 minutes $85

Hot Paraffin Hand Treatment
: 10 minutes $22
or as an add-on to another spa treatment
: 10 minutes $15